The Wavegarden Cove, a new generation surf facility capable of producing up to 1000 ocean-like waves per hour of any height and length.


Advanced software enables wave characteristics to be modified at the push of a button.


Surf Snowdonia received over 150,000 guests in 2017, and is rated by Lonely Planet as one of the "hottest new travel experiences of the world".



I would love to see these facilities in places where there is no waves and where you can have kids who have never seen the ocean before.

Sebastian Zietz (Hawaii), Pro Surfer


Brazilian Pro Surfers and their Families shred the Wavegarden Cove

On their annual pilgrimage through Europe, four members of the renowned “Brazilian Storm” - Filipe Toledo, Miguel Pupo, Ian Gouveia and Italo Ferreira – dropped past Wavegarden’s R&D center for a day of surfing, training and fun. The surfers were accompanied by their partners, Bruna and Ananda (and their babies), who were happy to get amongst the action and catch a few waves as well.

Wavegarden Cove – Waves for Everyone

The Wavegarden Cove has been tested and approved by many of the world’s top ranked surfers, although its versatility extends well beyond making great waves for the elite. Illustrating this point a “Family Surf Session” was organised at Wavegarden’s R&D demo center with several families with varying degrees of experience. The emphasis was on fun, learning, and participation - and less on high performance.

Silver Surfers at the Wavegarden Cove

Two special guests were recently invited to surf the Wavegarden Cove: Eric Dargent and Benoit Moreau. Both are French surfers and both have a story to tell.

Olympic National Surf Teams train in the Wavegarden Cove

In 2017, teams from 47 nations made their way to Biarritz, France, with their hearts set on picking up a medal in the ISA World Surfing Games. With record participation numbers and a world-class standard of surfing exceeding previous years, the momentum of surfing’s inclusion in the Olympics has already started to gather.

Mateus Herdy’s Solo Session

Recently we invited 16 yr old Brazilian surf prodigy Mateus Herdy to drop past our R&D demo centre in Spain to trial the Wavegarden Cove on his new Pukas surfboards