With 2 successful facilities open to the public and a pipeline of over 20 projects in various stages of development across 5 continents Wavegarden is considered by discerning investors to be the market leader in the rapidly emerging sector of wave generation technology.

Wavegardens® Around the World

Wavegarden®, Northern Spain

Full-size R&D Facility and Demo Center

The full-size test facility at Wavegarden’s headquarters in the Basque Country is a private, high-performance demo and testing center closed to the public. Feedback from the world's best surfers confirms that these waves are the closest thing to surfing in the ocean.

Surf Snowdonia, Wales, U.K.

The World's First Public Wavegarden

Surf Snowdonia, which opened in summer 2015, proved to be a major tourism draw card for North Wales. Over 150,000 people visited the facility in its first year of operation, doubling visitor projections.

For bookings go to: www.surfsnowdonia.co.uk

NLand Surf Park, Austin, Texas

The only Inland Surfing Destination in the U.S.

Nland Surf Park, established by entrepreneur Doug Coors, brings joy to thousands of landlocked surfers in Texas. Even in the most challenging drought conditions, the lagoon is self-sustained with rainwater.

For bookings go to: www.nlandsurfpark.com