Surfing is one of the fastest growing sports

People around the globe flock to the coast to relax, exercise, and enjoy the ocean. Growing exponentially at 12% per year, the current surfing population is estimated at approximately 23 million participants.

Surfing is an important driver for the economic development of local industry and destination tourism. In fact, surf tourism is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing tourist sectors today. It has been proven that surf breaks inject significant revenue to local economies by increasing property values and boosting tourism. Studies undertaken at several surf destinations reveal a significant economic impact annually: $24m at Trestles, $4.5m at Mundaka, $23.9m at Mavericks

In 2014 alone, the global boardsports industry increased by 6%, giving it a 16% share of the global sports market –more than $45 billion.

Wavegarden allows the creation of new surf destinations anywhere in the world, regardless of their proximity to the ocean, and fulfills the local demand for new recreational areas at a very competitive price. The economic impact generated by a Wavegarden for its immediate environment is estimated to be at least €3 million annually.

10 reasons to Build a Wavegarden®

  1. It's the ultimate, high-profit leisure facility, built around the popular sport and lifestyle of surfing.
  2. Every city and destination needs a good surf beach, especially those a long way from the ocean.
  3. Existing Wavegarden facilities - NLand in Texas and Surf Snowdonia in Wales - have excellent occupancy rates.
  4. Unlike artificial snow facilities, a Wavegarden can actually be better than the real thing.
  5. Surf schools cannot cope with the current demand from new surfers and many natural surf spots are saturated.
  6. Surfing is a highly aspirational sport, with an exponential growth of 2-3 million new surfers per year.
  7. Wavegarden provides the most authentic surfing experience out there, making this uniquely fun and healthy activity accessible to young and old alike.
  8. Wavegarden offers the perfect venue for elite training and competition.
  9. Wavegarden offers exceptional community benefits including the creation of employment, tourism, environmental education and economic growth.
  10. Thoroughly tested and endorsed by both amateurs and top professional surfers.

In the Cove you can get a barrel every wave and do airs and turns. There's a lot of cardio evolved, it's really good training. Lots of waves makes you smile every time.

Filipe Toledo, Pro Surfer, Brazil