Proven Leader in Wave Generation Technologies

Since 2005, Wavegarden® has established itself as the industry leader in creating ideal surfing conditions to satisfy the rigorous demands of commercial surf parks. Today we are able to produce powerful waves between 0.5 and 2.4m (1.5-8ft) in fun, safe, and natural environments suitable for all surfers. Our success in developing efficient wave-generating systems is founded upon, among other things, our scientific computational fluid dynamics, whereby we can simulate wave behavior and modify lagoon designs in order to deliver the optimal conditions for each client. Thanks to our full-size test facilities dedicated 100% to R&D, our engineers can thoroughly test the technology and products before they are brought to market, guaranteeing a successful commercial deployment.

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Wavegarden Cove

  • More than 1000 perfect waves per hour of any height, shape and length.
  • Compact enough for big cities, resorts and even private facilities.
  • Offers high capacity for all skill levels and ages.
  • Advanced software enables wave characteristics to be modified at the push of a button.
  • Fully customizable outline, suitable for sites smaller than 1 hectare.

Wavegarden Lagoon

  • Long open face rides.
  • Natural and spacious setting, ideal for supporting high levels of tourism.
  • Multiple surf areas perfect for all skill levels and ages.
  • Groundbreaking wavefoil technology has set the industry standard.
  • Fully customizable outline, perfect for very large plots of land.