Wavegarden now in North America

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North America’s first Wavegarden, NLand Surf Park, opened its doors on October 7, 2016 in Austin, Texas.

It’s centerpiece, a 14-acre Wavegarden lagoon filled with 100% rain water collected on the property, is set in a beautiful natural landscape only 10 minutes East of Austin’s airport.

“As a surfer and an engineer, NLand has been a dream of mine for the past 20 years,” said Doug Coors, NLand’s founder. “We had our share of challenges, but they are behind us and I look forward to sharing our waves with the world.”


The lagoon features waves for surfers of all levels: from head high, open face waves with a 35-second ride tailor-made for performance surfing; challenging open face waves for passionate novices; to gentle white water waves for beginners and children. All surfers – existing and new – will now be able to rapidly raise their skill and confidence levels in the best environment possible.


“The launch of our second Wavegarden facility is a historical moment for our company,” explained Josema Odriozola, Wavegarden’s CEO. “Together, we have scaled this project up to a level never before seen.”

The long anticipated opening of NLand coincides with the one-year anniversary of Surf Snowdonia, which, since its opening has produced around 195.000 waves. The accumulated length of these waves equates to a distance of 30.000 km (18.600 miles), which is three quarters the circumference of the earth.

During the warm-up period, NLand will be open Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m, and on Mondays from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. For bookings & more information, go to: http://www.nlandsurfpark.com