Wavegarden represents a compelling business opportunity, relevant anywhere in the world, and can be adapted to suit diverse market segments:

Resorts, Hotels & Commercial centers

A Wavegarden enables resorts, hotels and commercial centers to take their outdoor, recreational and adventure activities to a new level by offering more exciting and authentic experiences to their guests. Leveraging the attraction with bars, restaurants, fitness centers, and public events such as surf competitions and concerts allows both participants and onlookers to enjoy the surfing action, and meanwhile creates positive supplementary revenue streams.

Real Estate

A good surfing beach offers more than just a great place to stay; it also offers entertainment, sport and a diversion from daily life. As such, most surf beaches are precious real estate in which to live and establish business.

A lagoon that is well integrated into its natural environment can be aesthetically beautiful, and Wavegarden adds a further element that transforms the lagoon entirely. It recreates within its still waters a sea with waves, making it a unique destination likely to attract both the public and businesses, and adding value to the land where it is installed.

Public Sector

A Wavegarden is a valuable project for any government body that wishes to expand its sports and recreational amenities and to promote tourism, either on a local or national level. Such a project also creates important local employment and economic growth. Given the prospect of surfing’s joining the Olympics, governments and national sports bodies will require high-performance training complexes to prepare their athletes.

Private Facilities

A Wavegarden can be customized for clients interested in having a private surf break on their property, or within their modern workspace. Requiring a minimum of 1 hectare, we can create your dream surf spot, tailoring size, shape and length of wave to your needs. Boasting a crowd-free environment and available to use 24/7, a private facility is ideal for personal training sessions, or simply to enjoy surfing great waves with family members, friends or colleagues.

Theme & Adventure Parks

A Wavegarden works perfectly as a highly popular stand-alone surf park facility. However, it can also be included within a larger venue such as a theme, adventure or water park. Activities that share synergies can mutually enhance one another to create a unique business built around recreational experiences.