Against the vast natural backdrop of the Wavegarden Lagoon, guaranteed waves are generated year-round in an attractive beach environment. The technology behind the Lagoon is the most efficient method of creating perfect, long and powerful waves ranging in size from knee-high to overhead. These waves break for up to 35 seconds, and provide an authentic experience for surfers of all levels and ages.

With its high guest capacity and low operating costs, this technology represents the most attractive option for creating a very large-scale surf facility today.

Product Options

To cover the requirements of the majority of clients, the Lagoon is proposed in three standard wave heights proven to be financially competitive and viable.

1.3 m WG Lagoon 1.9 m WG Lagoon 2.2 m WG Lagoon
Wave height 1.3m (4.2ft) 1.9m (6.2ft) 2.2m (7.5ft)
Length of ride 22 sec 35 sec 25-27 sec
Standard Lagoon dimensions 190 x 100m (623 x 328ft) 330 x 140m (1082 x 459ft) 330 x 140m (1082 x 459ft)

Note: We are able to build bespoke facilities that produce larger waves, but as wave size has an exponential correlation to power consumption and therefore to cost, there are financial implications for such projects.

Customizable Outline

The lagoon design and outline is fully customizable to match the dimensions and natural features of most terrain.

Examples: Lagoon options for 1.9m wave