Wavegarden and Surf Snowdonia make history

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The start of August 2015 marked a historical moment for our company, not to mention the global surf community.

Following an exhaustive decade of research and testing on three evolving full-scale prototypes at our private test center in Spain, the first commercial installation called Surf Snowdonia in North Wales officially opened to the public.

Based at the foot of lush, green mountains in the Conwy Valley in Snowdonia’s National Park, the Wavegarden facility provides the opportunity for surfers from the UK and all over the planet to ride high quality waves, ranging between 0.7-1.9m (2.3-6.3ft) in height, for up to 20 seconds in duration.


The Lagoon measures 300x120m (984x328ft), and uses 31,000 m3 of pure Welsh rain water. It has four distinct surf areas, separated by skill levels, that break simultaneously with each pass of the wavefoil. This safely offers waves of different shape and size to serve all capabilities, from novice to advanced.
Top professional surfers have been testing the main break, rating it as a high performance wave that offers plenty of speed and power. Jayce Robinson, one of UK’s top surfers, was fortunate enough to be one of the first people to test out the waves at Surf Snowdonia. “It was a fantastic experience to go to Surf Snowdonia”, Robinson exclaimed. “It’s a great training ground to practice for competitive surfing. The wave was longer than what I imagined it would be and it was really manoeuvrable”.

With media coverage appearing on major outlets all over the globe – from the BBC to the New York Times – it is great see Surf Snowdonia doing so well after years of planning and construction.

For more information and bookings: surfsnowdonia.co.uk