The wave is really good, it's pretty similar to the waves in the ocean.

Gabriel Medina (Brazil), 2014 World Champion

It's one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. It felt like I was witnessing the future for sure.

Ashton Goggans, journalist at Surfer Magazine (USA)

If I had the chance to surf a wave like this every day, I'll surf it for sure. It can get you to another level.

Alejo Muniz (Brazil), Pro Surfer

It's been surfed by all the best surfers in the world and everyone who surfs knows what Wavegarden is.

Matt Wilkinson (Australia), Pro Surfer

I caught more respectable waves in one day at Wavegarden in Surf Snowdonia than I did surfing the ocean every weekend for the entire month of August.

Stan Parish, editor-in-chief of "The Future of Everything" at The Wall Street Journal.

I saw all my friends get barreled and doing turns and ripping, over and over and over again. I am pretty tired from surfing so many waves.

Josh Kerr, (Australia) Pro Surfer

Surfing at Wavegarden has helped us improve so much.

Kai and Hans

Wavegarden is the closest thing to a natural wave.

Joel Parkinson (Australia), 2012 World Champion

This is a really safe place for everyone - handicapped or otherwise - to enjoy the amazing feeling surfing brings.

Aitor ‘Gallo’ Francesena (Basque Country), 2016 World Adaptive Surfing Champion

I am so excited talking about Wavegarden, I honestly think this is the future of surfing.

Carissa Moore (Hawaii) 3 x World Champion

We are up to 300 surfers per day and 900 people onsite enjoying the offer. There are almost 7 different businesses in one, so we have a lot to offer.

Andy Ainscough, Managing Director & Owner, Surf Snowdonia, North Wales

On a wave where the platform is the same every time, it's a huge plus because you can really breakdown your technique.

Josh Kerr (Australia), Pro Surfer

The perfect mechanical wave, over a metre high and one every minute. It’s really good and a lot more powerful than what I thought.

Claire Marshall - BBC News Correspondent

We partnered with Wavegarden because they figured out how to create amazing waves that are energy efficient.

Doug Coors, CEO and founder, Nland Surf Park, Austin Texas

It's just like an amazement park, it's so sick catching waves going both directions, especially now there's a wave every minute.

Taj Burrow (Australia), Pro Surfer

I would love to see these facilities in places where there is no waves and where you can have kids who have never seen the ocean before.

Sebastian Zietz (Hawaii), Pro Surfer

It’s the perfect place to teach beginners to surf.

Asier Muniain, Big Wave Surfer and Surf Instructor

The beauty of Wavegarden is that it can accommodate in separate zones the needs of all surfers – from the smallest groms all the way up to elite surfers.

Andrew Ross, Founder and Executive Chairman, Wave Park Group, Australia