Groundbreaking Technology

The patented technology of the Wavegarden Lagoon consists of a state-of-the-art hydrodynamic wavefoil, powered by a gearless drive system similar to a ski lift’s, and working in combination with a revolutionary lagoon bathymetry. In-house developed dissipative shores reduce backwash and currents to enable a higher wave frequency.


Inspired by Aeronautics Principles

  • The wavefoil is a hydrodynamic blade similar to an airplane wing, designed to generate the longest waves with the lowest energy consumption possible.
  • Our patented design is the result of thousands of painstakingly detailed computational simulations and years of testing on realistic, full-scale prototypes.
  • Manufactured from galvanized steel, the wavefoil is extremely robust and able to withstand millions upon millions of cycles.

How does it work?

The wavefoil moves at a speed between 4.5m and 7.5m (14.7ft-24.6ft) per second along the central channel under the pier, displacing water to form a glassy swell.

This swell interacts with the shallow areas of the lagoon bottom to produce a series of perfect waves, which then break in the various areas of the lagoon: on either side of the pier (Reefs), alongside the shoreline (Insides), and at the end of the lagoon (Bays). Once the wavefoil completes a full run, it returns in the opposite direction to reproduce an identical set of waves.

Control System

All machinery is operated and monitored via an easy-to-use interface. Our proprietary software processes the data relating to the drive system and wavefoil to ensure their peak performance at all times. The system monitors items such as the hydraulic pressure, speed, forces, voltages, and currents, as well as water temperature, humidity and wind direction.

All functions are fully automated and displayed on the intuitive touch screen. Wavegarden's teleservice operates 24/7 and receives an automated daily report from each facility. Our engineers can access the control systems remotely -at any time and from anywhere in the world- enabling them to operate the machinery and/or execute real-time diagnostics and maintenance.

Lagoon Floor Design

Our computational fluid dynamic experts customize each bottom design in order to attain the specific characteristics of the distinct surf zones. This enables the creation of waves that correspond in shape, size and power to different levels of surfing ability. Additionally, removable features can be added to the floor of the lagoon to create close-out sections suitable for maneuvers such as airs and floaters.

Prior to implementation at the client’s facility, all designs are tested and refined on our full-scale prototype.

Zero Backwash Shores

The patented dissipative shores are sandy colored, grid-like structures that line the periphery of the lagoon to remove backwash and currents immediately after a wave has passed.

Developed at Wavegarden’s demo center, these unique shores are proven to be the most effective way to dissipate refractive wave energy and currents, increasing user comfort while simultaneously avoiding water wastage from overflow. Returning the lagoon to a calm state as quickly as possible is imperative for increasing wave frequency, as any turbulence negatively affects the quality of subsequent waves.


Fixed centrally in the Lagoon, the pier has several functions:

  • To prevent surfers from coming into contact with the technical equipment.
  • To support the cable line via pulleys and rollers.
  • To provide an excellent viewing area close to the action for spectators, lifeguards, cameramen and photographers.