These general guidelines vary depending on the design specifications of each Wavegarden site.

Area Requirements

The measurements of a standard Wavegarden Lagoon are 190x100m (623x328ft) for the 1.3m (4ft) wave, and 330x140m (1.082x459ft) for the 1.9m and 2.2m (6-8ft) waves. There is no area limit, as our technology is able to produce waves that hold their size and shape over any distance.

Water Source

The Wavegarden Lagoon can operate with both fresh and salt water. Possible water sources include rivers, lakes, dams, ground water and municipal supply.


The depth averages around knee-deep in the beginner areas and waist-deep in the expert areas, and can reach up to 2m in a protected zone under the pier. To reduce water volume and associated costs, facilities are designed with minimal deep areas.