Waves are formed in eight areas within the lagoon. Each area offers a different size and speed of wave, thus grouping different skill levels together while providing every surfer with a wave-riding experience tailored to his or her ability.

The bidirectional wave generator shuttles back and forth along the Lagoon’s central pier every 1-2.5 minutes, producing challenging left and right hand waves in the Reef areas, Waikiki-style whitewater waves in the Bay areas, and long, peeling point break waves in the Insides.

All waves can be reproduced identically, and made to maintain the same energy level and size throughout the ride. The Lagoon conditions are therefore ideal for learning, as well as for advanced coaching and high-performance surfing.

The Reefs

The Reefs

For the Experts

The Reefs offer an exhilarating and addictive surfing experience. Steep and peeling wave faces provide the speed and shape needed to execute a full repertoire of high-performance tricks.

  • Wave heights between 1.2m and 2.2m (3.9ft-7.2ft) are ideal for advanced surfers.
  • The length of ride, ranging from 15-35 seconds, can rival the longest ride of a surfer’s life.
The Insides

The Insides & Bays

For Intermediates and Beginners

With their mellow open-face and white-water waves, these expansive surfing areas are perfect for large groups of newcomers and intermediates.

  • The slow-moving waves make these areas perfect for children and users unfamiliar with wave environments.
  • Safe from the hazards commonly found in nature, learners can concentrate on catching waves without distractions and develop their basic skills faster than they would in the ocean.
The Insides

User Capacity

The different surfing areas are designed and organized to maximize user capacity without compromising experience. The size of the lagoon, not wave height, is the determining factor of user capacity rates. Typically, between 45 and 140 users can surf simultaneously.