Wavegarden provides the complete range of engineering & business services required to ensure both the immediate and long-term success of your surf park. Our team will accompany you from the inception of your project to well beyond you launch, sharing our expertise and experience throughout this exciting journey.

Our services include:

Site Analysis & Design Studies

In the pre-development phase, our engineers and architects identify the best possible location to build your Wavegarden facility. With the help of our fluid dynamics (FD) department, we assist you in choosing the best wave technology and waterbody outline for the different surfing areas to suit the layout of your specific location.

Taking into consideration your objectives, we help you calculate the size and length of waves that will provide the best surfing experience, optimize user capacity, and generate the highest possible return on investment.

Additionally, basic technical and architectural specifications for the preliminary civil works aid in the creation of customized drawings based on the ground conditions of your site. Such drawings are necessary to acquire all the relevant construction permits, a process which our experienced consultants guide you through. Customized conceptual design studies provide you with realistic computer-generated 3D renders and video animations of your surfing facility. Following a market and location analysis, we explore and recommend the potential leisure activities that can be developed alongside the surfing lagoon.

Economic Feasibility Study

An Economic Feasibility Study is a central component of any Wavegarden project. The long-term success of your Wavegarden destination will depend not only on the technical viability of the wave system, but also on the market, operational, and financial viability of the whole development. In order to reduce project risk and help secure investment partners and permits, a robust business plan will be needed that examines all aspects of the project, from concept and product mix through to visitor forecasts, financial projections, management and marketing.

Lagoon Construction

From the range of construction solutions developed by our civil engineers for different terrain and water table conditions, we will propose the option best suited to your particular site.

All construction materials and details, particularly those relating to waterproofing and customer safety, are extensively tested at our demo center to make sure they meet and exceed client expectations.

We help select the best professional providers, and supervise the design and construction of the lagoon and its surroundings with regular on-site visits.

Project Monitoring, Supply, Installation & Commissioning

Meticulous support is provided by our expert project managers to ensure proper coordination between all parties throughout the key phases: design, planning, civil work, installation, and commissioning.

The wave generating machinery will be fully supplied and installed by Wavegarden’s team. Once the facility is filled with water, the fun begins: it’s time to make waves! The machinery is then calibrated and fine-tuned to operate in its optimum state in all possible scenarios. A soft opening period is required to guarantee the proper functioning of civil works, wave generating and water treatment systems, and operational teams.

This is a customer-oriented process designed to meet all timelines, quality controls and budgets.

Water Treatment

Good waves require good water quality, and we can guarantee both. In addition to complying with bathing regulations, clean water is important to create an aesthetically pleasing facility. Treating water in a lagoon with waves for surfing is different from treating calm water in a normal lagoon. That’s why at our demo center in northern Spain, our Water Department is continuously researching custom solutions that will guarantee the best, most cost-effective systems for each location, taking into account the local weather conditions and water source.

Our services include: support to determine the appropiate treatment solutions in line with local regulations, water treatment engineering supervision during project development and operation.

Lighting Solutions

lluminating a Wavegarden in the dark extends business operating hours and optimizes revenue by enabling surfers to enjoy the waves outside of daylight hours. It also creates a uniquely attractive visual effect for both users and spectators, combining with picturesque natural surroundings to provide a singular venue for social gatherings and events.

Lighting up a large, undulant water body requires finding the right balance between light intensity and uniformity, in order to prevent the adverse effects of glare and create safe, comfortable conditions for surfing. In response to these complexities, we have implemented and tested systems at our demo center that deal with all aspects of light diffusion, reflection, and safety. Today, we are able to offer proven and cost-efficient LED lighting solutions that can be tailored for all facility sizes and conditions.

Maintenance Solutions

To create a successful surf destination, the machinery and operating systems must be in perfect running order and in compliance with all the relevant safety regulations. We provide a combination of intelligent and preventive maintenance services to maximize the availability, efficiency and lifetime performance of the machinery.

Our Maintenance Support Package includes:

Remote Monitoring 24/7

We offer constant accessibility to our expert technicians via remote monitoring and our 24/7 hotline.

A full stock of spare parts is supplied onsite, ensuring quick and easy resolutions in coordination with our remote support team.

Routine Maintenance

Our technicians provide regular checks of the mechanical and electrical components, preemptively identifying and performing any maintenance needs. Frequent testing and calibration of the machinery boost system performance; remote online monitoring and regular system diagnosis, meanwhile, enable our team to rapidly analyze key parameters, ensuring the operation is at its most cost-efficient. Periodic visits to your facility are carried out to inspect the performance of the wave generator and surfing lagoon.

Training Programs

Local technicians undergo a comprehensive training program, which equips them with the necessary expertise to proactively maintain your Wavegarden systems on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.