The patented technology of the Cove is modular. Each module moves in a harmonious sequence to produce perfect swells, while continually injecting energy into the waves as they move forward. The length of the ride depends on the number of modules; more modules can be added to extend the wave's length.

This groundbreaking technology replicates the exact water particle movement of ocean ground swells; there are no secondary waves that can negatively affect the quality of subsequent waves. With little energy lost in the transmission of forces from the machinery to the water, efficiency levels could not be any higher.

In a feature unique to the Cove, wave shape and size can be adjusted at the push of a button, simply by changing the mode function on the control unit software.

During routine maintenance, modules can easily be repaired or replaced without stopping or interfering with the operation of the facility.


  • The maximum level of energy efficiency, the minimum size footprint, and the least water volume required for a man-made wave facility.
  • Simple modular technology composed of durable and robust machinery.
  • An easy-to-use control system with a variety of wave condition settings, which can be applied in real-time to ensure constant customer engagement.
  • Noise-free machinery positioned out of the water, enabling easy inspection and maintenance.
  • Modular system ensures continuous operation; repairs and servicing can be performed during normal operations.
  • Highly successful testing in a full-scale demo-center. All machinery has been fatigue tested with a number of cycles equivalent to over one year of operation without any replacements.
  • Comprehensive solutions for civil engineering, construction, assembly and lighting.
  • Smart technology free of complicated hydraulic or pneumatic systems, which are less efficient and require more maintenance.