These general guidelines vary depending on the design specifications of each Wavegarden site.

Area Requirements

The measurements of a standard Cove 1.8m are aprox. 150x150m (492x492ft). The minimum space requirements are 120x120m (394x394ft). The outline of the Cove is fully customizable to match the natural features of most terrain and can be easily adapted to different size footprints, symmetrical or otherwise asymmetrical. There is no area limit as our technology is modular, more modules can be added to extend the length of the waves.

Water Source

The Wavegarden Cove can operate with both fresh and salt water. The possible water sources include rivers, lakes, dams, ground water or municipal supply.


The depth averages around 0.5-1.2m (1.6-3.9ft) in the beginner areas to 1.0-2.5m (3.2-8.2ft) in the expert areas. To reduce water volume and associated costs, facilities are designed with minimal deep areas.