Waves are formed in 4 areas within the Cove. Each area offers waves of different size and power, specifically designed to provide every surfer with a unique wave riding experience. In a standard design, the surfing areas include 2 Reef and 2 Bay areas.

This wide variety of high frequency waves in the different surfing areas makes the Cove ideal for learning, as well as for high performance surfing and coaching.

The Reefs

The Reefs

For Experts and Intermediates

  • The Reefs serve up powerful waves, typically between 0.8 and 2.4m in size, that are suitable for expert to intermediate surfers and rival the best ocean breaks in the world.
  • On opposing sides of the central pier, right and left hand waves enable surfers to improve their surfing skills on both their forehand and backhand.
  • The waves are fast with various challenging sections favorable for performance surfing, including clean open faces and steep barrels.
  • The level of difficulty is modifiable.
The Insides

The Bays

For Beginners

  • The Bays offer open face and knee-high gentle white-water waves, appropriate for beginners and intermediates.
  • Right and lefthand waves break on opposing sides of the pier, permitting surfers to apply their forehand or backhand skills.
  • Accessible and user-friendly conditions allow beginners to quickly catch and ride perfect waves in a completely controlled environment.
  • The waves are soft and slow moving, allowing guests to gain experience in true-to-life ocean conditions.
The Insides

User Capacity

By optimizing the circulation of surfers, the Cove is designed to maximize user capacity while providing an authentic surfing experience. Similar to the ocean, water currents allow users to easily paddle back to the line-up. A mid-size Cove design comfortably accommodates 100 surfers per hour (50 experienced/50 beginners), with users clearly and safely organized in their respective surfing areas.

An extension to the Bay areas or the inclusion of additional zones with calm waves for swimmers and children can increase user capacity, which may even double in some cases.

There is different waves, more like the real ocean. It's the kind of barrel you dream of getting. I got 30, 60, 120 waves, maybe more... and I got barreled on everyone.

Sebastian Zietz (Hawaii), Pro Surfer