A Wavegarden® transforms any location into a dream surfing destination blessed with guaranteed waves and an exotic beach environment. The combination of our unique concept and innovative technology provides a dynamic business opportunity with countless possibilities, the centerpiece consisting of perfect waves designed and adapted for surfers of all levels and ages.

Drawing inspiration from some of the world's foremost surf locations, we create a relaxed, natural environment that is guaranteed to feature highly on the must-visit lists of surfers, beach enthusiasts and spectators.

In addition to being a place where friends and family can enjoy practicing the sport together, a Wavegarden can incorporate numerous other engaging leisure and entertainment activities, enhancing the overall experience and guaranteeing a high occupancy all year long.

Surf, Eat, Relax, Repeat

Supporting businesses may include a surf school and high-performance center, a surf shop, restaurants, bars, and accommodation. This rich variety of activities and services will entice customers to stay for longer and return more frequently, thereby generating additional revenue streams.

Surfing is a hugely popular spectator sport that attracts large groups of viewers, both live and remotely via internet and TV. Further revenue will be generated from surfing events, surf camps, corporate functions, concerts and sponsorships.

A Wavegarden® is the Best Place to Learn to Surf

The "stoke" of surfing is now accessible to everyone, no ocean required. Even first-timers have the opportunity to ride perfect waves in their first session.

Its consistent, customizable, fully monitored and controlled conditions make a Wavegarden the ultimate location to introduce surfing to people of all ages, fitness levels and abilities. Beginners will develop their surfing skills rapidly, while also increasing their confidence both in and out of the water. Inevitably, these powerful and positive experiences will feed their desire to return for further sessions.

A Wavegarden is the safest place to introduce and teach surfing to the general public, especially children, the disabled, and those who may feel less confident in wave environments. The experience acquired at Wavegarden will teach them basic wave knowledge and be of great benefit the next time they visit the ocean.